Patient-Centricity in Clinical Trials – Explaining Co-Creation and Its Value

Insufficient recruitment and high dropout rates have led the industry to seek out new ways to conduct clinical trials, ways that work better for the patients.

Patient co-creation in clinical research means a shift from thinking about the patient to thinking with the patient. Co-creation helps ensure that a clinical study is designed in a way that addresses patients' needs that, historically, have not been met with older study design processes. Co-creation also serves to reduce barriers to participation. There are many such barriers that keep otherwise eligible and motivated patients from participating in research.

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  • How patient voice is gathered
  • Keys to optimizing technology in co-created trials
  • Ways that patient feedback is gathered


Written by co-authors Fabio Gratton, Chief Experience Officer, THREAD, and Mischa Szpirt, User Insight Lead, LEO Pharma


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